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On 08/09/2011

The Stanberry Chamber of Commerce met in regular session at the Stanberry City Hall at 12:00pm Tuesday, August 9, 2011.


Present: Kent Peterson, Rose Henry, Debbie Long, Tammy Gage and Carol Stoll.

Meeting Called to Order:  President Kent Peterson called the meeting to order at 12:05pm.

Minutes: Minutes of the June 13, 2011, meeting were approved as presented.


Treasurer's Report: Rose repoorted a checking balance of $3,629.22 and $2,670.13 in Chamber bucks.

Old Business: 

  1. Kent has recieved the required forms relative to not-for-profit organizations and qualifications for the State Tax Exemptoin.  He will consult with Stephen L. Luke regarding the qualifications.
  2. The Chamber revieweed upcoming events:
  • September 17 City- Wide Garage Sale
  • September 24 Stanberry Football Homecoming
  • October 31 Halloween


As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:25pm.  The next meeting will be September 20, 2011.

Respectfullly Submitted,


Carol Stoll, Secretary


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Vision / Mission

Our vision is that the community of Stanberry Missouri will be socially, politically, economically strong and self sufficient through business diversification.

Our mission is the continual improvement of the social and economic standing of the community of Stanberry Missouri by working with and advocating for local businesses.